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  • Gnomes

    There are hundreds of different kinds of gnomes. * live in bivouacs, thousands, like ants * there are worker gnomes, soldier gnomes, officer gnomes and queens in each bivouac. *worker gnomes will usually not attack unless attacked

  • "Humans"

    Just as small Fey creatures (pixies, brownies, sprites) are all commonly called "Fairies," Fey creatures call most medium sized humanoids from the Relm "Humans." Elves, Dwarves, even Halflings, Orcs and Dragonborn are all referred to with the pejorative …

  • Encounters, planned and random

    *this table is not ready for players to see, but it is my intention that this be a chart they can look at* Table of random encounters. D20. Lower rolls = more hostile, higher rolls = more friendly, neutrals in the middle. 1. Gnome slaving party …

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